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The image gallery you see on this website is the Free Edition of another cool product JSN ImageShow from JoomlaShine.com. This product is shipped with component, module and content plugin, so you can place it anywhere on every website.

On this page you can see how JSN ImageShow is presented as module on top and as plugin in article content. With it, you get smooth experience and consistent performance in all browsers. The JSN ImageShow also support mobile devices normally with JS/HTML version switched automatically when you visit the website.

Currently, JSN ImageShow comes with 6 themes: Theme Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Grid, Theme Carousel, Theme Strip and Theme Flow. More themes will be released in the future.

{imageshow sl=9 sc=3 h=400 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Classic

{imageshow sl=9 sc=1 h=400 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Slider

{imageshow sl=9 sc=4 h=250 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Grid

{imageshow sl=9 sc=5 h=150 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Carousel

{imageshow sl=9 sc=11 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Strip Vertical

{imageshow sl=9 sc=8 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Strip Horizontal

{imageshow sl=9 sc=7 /}

JSN ImageShow with Theme Flow

Mobile optimized

For mobile device, we have built special lightweight Javascript version, so you can be absolutely sure about images presentation.

Mobile optimized presentation (screenshot made by iPhone)
Mobile optimized presentation (screenshot made by iPhone)

This extension is NOT included in the template package, but you can download it for free. Read more.

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Full details about all template features can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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